Young Driver Lesson Nationwide

Young driver lessons are the genius solution to end teenage nagging once and for all as this Into the Blue voucher will see youngsters enjoying 30 or 60 minute lessons behind the wheel. This means that from the age of 10 they can gain essential practical driving experience that will be invaluable once they come of age and begin driving on the public roads for real.

Specially designed for young drivers all lessons take place at driving centres where realistic roadways and layouts have been built to simulate actual driving. In this way your son or daughter can experience being in control of a car in real-life situations but without the worry of additional road users.

Each learner is accompanied by a professional instructor in the latest dual controlled Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 SRi where they will learn exactly the same skills as they would in a normal driving lesson at 17 – starting and stopping pedal control gears – all as per the Driving Standards Agency curriculum.

Most of our countrywide centres offering lessons for young drivers can also accommodate disabled youngsters keen to hit the road by using specially adapted vehicles that have the addition of hand controls for ease of manoeuvring.

Practice makes perfect as they say so the emphasis for each young driver on these lessons is to maximise the time spent behind the wheel learning how to safely handle the car rather than getting bogged down with boring theory tests. It’s all about getting out there and giving it a go learning to handle the Vauxhall safely and sensibly in a friendly atmosphere.

Regardless of how long you spend on the purpose built route you’ll be given your very own driving log book to catalogue the skills you’ve practised. So when you do get your provisional license and start lessons with an instructor they can see what you’ve already done and simply build on it.

These lessons are also much-loved by long-suffering parents thanks to the magic words: “someone else’s car”. Adults can bundle their eager underage offspring into one of the school’s cars and watch with pride as they negotiate the intricacies of driving safe in the knowledge that their own vehicle is parked locked and off-limits. And don’t forget young driver lessons are available at over 60 centres around the UK so no teenager will have far to go to get behind the wheel.

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