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Zombie Apocalypse Training | The Real Britain Company

Zombie Apocalypse Training

Do you know the best way to kill a zombie? Miracle cure perhaps? Don’t count on it. You just have to take them out one by one using your finest shooting skills. And that’s just what you’ll be doing to save the universe on this experience. Use your finest anti zombie equipment and get shooting.

The best zombie defence is to have a arsenal of weaponry. At this outdoor activity centre near Calverton in North Nottingham you’ve got air rifles crossbows and axes which is a pretty good mix of arms when it comes to killing off any zombies you might come across. Before you can face the onslaught of the undead a little safety briefing so you know how to handle your arms.

The first wave of zombies comes in the form of distorted and disgusting zombie faces that you’ll be lobbing your tomahawk axes at in a bid to disfigure these diseased ogres even more. Then there’s that revolting row of severed zombie heads to tackle. Try not to look them in the eye as you line up your crossbow but when you release the arrow let’s hope it lands squarely in the eye socket to stop them staring at you!

The zombie apocalypse continues on the air rifle range. We reckon one of the best defences against zombies has to be the good old rifle. No matter what gauge of gun you’ve got it’s how you use it that counts. Picking off zombie-themed targets like a lone sniper or working as a team using the ‘clear a room’ multiple firing approach – both work pretty well in our book!

They say the traits of zombieism are anxiety agitation paranoia and terror which is why the deadly infection spreads so quickly as they bite victims. Luckily for you none of the zombie targets you’ll be facing with your anti zombie equipment will bite back but they are pretty scary. You’ll need to keep your zombie-fighting wits about you whilst you shoot.

As for the best way to kill a zombie – you can tell us after you’ve hit them with axes peppered them with air rifle pellets and impaled them with crossbow arrows. Of course this is a zombie-themed shoot ‘em up session and no actual disease-ridden semi-dead corpses will be harmed in the making of this experience.

Find out more and book your place today!