Zombie Archery Norfolk

We need you the rapid response team to assist with this Zombie archery challenge! News has reached us that archaeologists on a dig in a quarry in Norfolk have gone missing. There are fears that this is a Zombie attack and the only ones who can combat the Zombies are the archers of Norfolk – and that’s you!

Good job you’ve just had a training session to teach you how to correctly handle a bow and arrow because now you’re needed urgently for an archery mission like no other. As you leave the confines of the safe zone behind to head into the quarry a few more details are coming through as to what’s going on there…

It seems the team of archaeologists were on the point of a major discovery at their dig. With no updates from the team in hours Officer Denbie was sent in to the quarry to check on the team’s well-being. The last known contact with Denbie was over the police radio where he was heard saying: ‘Kill me. Kill them. Kill me now’…then nothing. Sources say they glimpsed strange zombie-like creatures on CCTV in the area.

This is where you as a member of the crack Norfolk archery team comes in to defeat the Zombies. It’s time to break off into small groups and head into the quarry armed with your trusty bow and arrow. Watch your step this is an infected area and dastardly zombies could be anywhere. Hiding in sheds and dug-outs the infected have only one thing on their minds – eating flesh.

You’ll need to keep your wits firmly about you as you move from area to area. When you come across a severed Zombie head see if you can put those new-found archery skills to good use by landing an arrow right in between the eyes. That’s where it really hurts even for zombies. Hunt down the bloodied torsos and take aim in a bid to save the quarry Norfolk and the universe from the zombies.

Zombie archery is available as a two-hour experience at this professional archery centre near Kings Lynn. All the gear you need is included along with your initial training session in the safe zone before you head off on your zombie hunt in the quarry. Good luck!

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