Zombie Blitz

A chemical breakout is going down so it’s time to engage in a zombie blitz! These zombie experiences in Wigan and Bury are going to be intense. There are undead and they could be anywhere. Will you work together as a team to exterminate the threat or will your group flounder in the face of the ferocious zombie attack?

You’ll be blitzing the zombies in a former mill in Wigan or Bury. Both buildings are vast and you’ll be encountering various scenes and scenarios from the mean streets and markets to eerie jungles and laboratories where the initial biological agent might well have been created. And this is crux of your zombie blitz mission. A terrorist cell got its mucky hands on a potent chemical that’s turning the population into the flesh-hungry walking dead.

It’s up to you to not just neutralise the zombies but to ensure the survival of earth as we know it. There are corpses everywhere and a pesky zombie can be pretty much hide anywhere so you and your comrades will have to cover every corner of the rabbit warren of rooms sneaky mouse holes and tunnels.

It’s pure zombie horror as you blitz gloomy corridors dark and dank rooms and murky streets. At every turn it’s a scene of sheer horror. Mutilated zombies are wandering all around you the strange eerie cries and noises will set your teeth on edge and you’ll wonder if it’s possible to carry out your zombie blitzing orders and beat the baddies.

Taking out zombies is pretty physical and you’ll need your wits about you too. You set off on your zombie experience in Bury or Wigan with a limit amount of ammo and it’ll be up to you to identify the ammunition banks dotted around so that you can re-arm when necessary. But be careful these evil zombies wait for no-one and they could strike at any moment.

As if dealing with flesh-eaten half-deads wasn’t intense enough you’ll also be tackling a series of puzzles and mini missions during the course of your zombie blitz. Solve the mystery and you’ll be well on the way to getting humanity back on track. And remember the best of Bury the whole of Wigan and the world beyond is relying on your to save us all and restore order!

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