Zombie Infection Experience

Ready yourself for a journey into the unknown as you try and fight the Zombie infection! All over the Midlands those dastardly undead are roaming ready to grab you. Can you and your crack team of Zombie soldiers ward them off long enough for you and the boffins to find a cure from this disease?

These zombie infection experiences are quite frankly full on. The locations have been specially chosen and range from secret woodland hideouts and disused tools factory to a former mental asylum and a country house used as Bruce Wayne’s mansion in the Dark Knight trilogy. These are the last bastions in the war against the Zombies but how long will they remain a safe haven? Word has it hordes of infected Zombies are on the hunt and they’re hungry. Very hungry.

We’re not even sure how you actually neutralise a Zombie but as a new recruit to the Zombie-fighting army you’ll be issued with an airsoft replica firearm complete with stocks of 6mm bb pellets. Sure get close to a horrible Zombie to pop a shot and you might be lucky and stun them for a while but watch your back as they will more than likely only be down and not out…

But there are no solo heroes on this experience. If you’re going to beat those infested Zombies into submission you’ll need to work as a cohesive team to succeed in the objective tasks that you face as you work you way through your location. No contraband like GPS or video recorders are allowed either. So you’ll have to rely on your instinct quick thinking and wit armed with just your airsoft gun to find and hit those Zombies with the cure to the infection and save the day for not just the Midlands but the whole wide world!

Throughout the three-hour attack you and your comrades will be right in the thick of it backed up by a veteran team of ZI soldiers. Fight the good fight attack this affliction and condemn the contamination from the ghastly walking dead but remember these are free-roaming beasts so they could appear anywhere at any moment – and you’ve got limited ammo so it’s no good just indiscriminately showering the place in pellets.

You’ll be getting one seriously apocalyptic Zombie experience that is theatrical dramatic and above all great fun. You don’t have to get a whole team together to enter we are offering vouchers for one to 12 would-be Zombie fighters and you can take your pick from the various venues around the Midlands.

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