Zombie Survival Experience

Have you got what it takes to fight off waves of blood-thirsty zombies? This crazy experience is sure to be a scream as you gun down the living dead armed with just an Airsoft pellet shotgun! Thankfully it’s not every day you come face to face with an army of gruesome creatures but on these action adventure ‘shoot ’em up’ experiences you’ll be saving the world from the imminent invasion.

Zombie fighting experts will show you how to use the Benelli pump action ‘guns’ that fire plastic pellets and get you kitted out in all the gear you need. You will then be led straight into the adventure game where you will be fighting the flesh-eaters head-on during this high-adrenaline role play game. All this zombie action demands nerves of steel tactical thinking and team work to be able to outwit out run and gun down the horrifying zombies.

So be aware the dead have risen they are hungry and they are after your brains! Like Shaun and his best mate Ed in the movie ‘Shaun of the Dead’ it’s time to summon up reserves of strength and courage you never knew you had strain muscles you’ve never heard of and zap the zoms. And no they’re not real as they are played by the centre’s staff but with that Hollywood movie-standard make up you could be mistaken!

You can take on the ugly bunch either in Bury in large empty former mill buildings with twists and turns galore and multiple scene set ups or near Kidderminster in a rather special location. Your zombie survival experience here involves hunting down the zoms in an underground bunker system that dates back to the days of the Cold War.

Neither of these zombie survival missions is not for the faint hearted. You will need to be prepared to go roaming and running around in the darkness to tackle the evil ones and save planet earth. Brilliantly ghoulish fun!

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