Sir David Attenborough to narrate new immersive BBC Earth Experience in London

Sir David Attenborough to narrate new immersive BBC Earth Experience in London

Sir David Attenborough will narrate a new immersive BBC Earth Experience, which is set to launch in London next year.

The ‘immersive digital journey’ will guide visitors through the World’s seven continents and feature footage from the BBC’s Seven Worlds, One Planet series.

The BBC Earth Experience, which will arrive at the brand new Daikin Centre in Earl’s Court in March, will see the footage, including extended scenes, projected on multiple multi-angle screens using the latest digital screen technology.

The immersive experience will see footage from Seven Worlds, One Planet projected on multi-angle screens (BBC Earth Experience/PA)

Visitors will be able to take a 360-degree audio-visual journey as they explore impressive landscapes and come face-to-face with some of the world’s most mesmerizing animals.

The experience will offer visitors a look at species from every corner of the world, from fireflies putting on a spectacular light show in North America, snub-nosed monkeys huddling together to stay warm in Asia and hungry hamsters fighting to keep their food in Europe.

Speaking about the new project, Mat Way, global director of live entertainment, gaming, and interactive at BBC studios said: “We are delighted to partner with Moon Eye Productions and Live Nation to bring the BBC’s ground-breaking natural history content to this amazing live immersive London location for everyone to enjoy.”

Seven Worlds, One Planet first aired on BBC One in 2019 and was narrated by 96-year-old broadcaster and environmentalist Sir David.

More than 1,500 people worked on the series, which consisted of 92 shoots across 41 countries.

The experience is set to launch at the Daikin Centre in Earl’s Court, London, in March 2023 (Woo Architects/BBC/PA)

The BBC Earth Experience is a collaborative offering from BBC Studios, Moon Eye Productions and Live Nation.

Frederik van Alkemade, chief operating officer of Moon Eye Productions said: “At Moon Eye Productions our aim is to create new experiences that leave guests ‘moon-eyed’ in wonder.

“Utilising the best natural history series in the world, courtesy of BBC Studios, we knew we could create our first immersive event to achieve our goal.

“Working with the BBC Studios team to transform the content into a 360-degree audio-visual spectacle and Sir David Attenborough to narrate has been a privilege and we are proud to present BBC Earth Experience.”

Tickets for the BBC Earth Experience will be on sale from 10 am on December 2, with the experience opening on March 30 2023.

Sir David Attenborough to narrate new immersive BBC Earth Experience in LondonLondontopia – The Website for People Who Love London

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Waterloo reclaims title of Britain’s busiest railway station

Waterloo reclaims title of Britain’s busiest railway station

London Waterloo has regained its status as Britain’s most frequently used railway station.

The Office of Rail and Road said the station was used by an estimated 41.4 million passengers in the 12 months to the end of March.

Today we reveal the stations with the most entries and exits in Great Britain. @LondonWaterloo reclaims the top spot with 41.4 million from April 2021 to March 2022.

Watch the video for the top 10 locations in our #StationUsage statistics 🚉📊

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— ORR (@railandroad) November 24, 2022

The total is up from 12.2 million during the previous year, but was below half the estimate of 86.9 million in 2019/20.

London Waterloo was Britain’s busiest station for 16 years until it slipped to number four in 2020/21 as passenger numbers plummeted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In Scotland, Glasgow Central remained the most used station, with 15.3 million passengers, up from 5.3 million last year but down from 32.5 million two years ago.

Although they have changed order, the 5 most used stations from the previous year remain in the top 5 for April 2021 to March 2022.

Stratford is down from first to fifth place.

Outside London, Birmingham New Street was the most used station.


— ORR (@railandroad) November 24, 2022

Cardiff Central kept its status as the busiest station in Wales, with 7.5 million entries and exits.

That was more than three times as many as the two million in 2020/21, but remained down from the 12.7 million in 2019/20.

The Great Britain station usage data shows there were 6 open stations with fewer than 100 entries and exits.

Elton and Orston in Nottinghamshire had the fewest, with just 40 🚉📊

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— ORR (@railandroad) November 24, 2022

ORR director of planning and performance Feras Alshaker said: “It is heartening to see passengers return to traveling by rail following what was a difficult period for the industry during the pandemic.

“There’s still some way to go in order for station usage figures to return to pre-pandemic levels.

“Once again, it is important to thank all those in the rail industry, who continue to work hard to help people travel safely and with confidence.”

General view of the platforms and waiting shelter at Elton and Orston station
Elton and Orston was the least used station in Britain (Avalon/Construction Photography/Alamy Stock Photo/PA)

The least used railway station in 2021/22 was Elton and Orston in rural Nottinghamshire, with 40 recorded entries and exits.

It is served by two East Midlands Railway trains per day between Mondays and Saturdays.

The first departs at 7.04am towards Nottingham, while the second leaves for Skegness at 5.11pm.

No trains call at the station on Sundays.

RAIL Stations
(PA Graphics)

There are no ticket-buying facilities, toilets or waiting room at Elton and Orston.

The ORR’s estimates of station usage are derived from the rail industry’s ticketing and revenue system Lennon, with some local ticketing data.

Adjustments are made to “make the estimates as accurate as possible,” the regulator said.

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Virgin Atlantic boss says Heathrow expansion will be ‘difficult’ to support

Virgin Atlantic boss says Heathrow expansion will be ‘difficult’ to support

The Heathrow expansion will be “difficult” to support unless regulation of the airport is overhauled, the boss of Virgin Atlantic has warned.

Chief executive Shai Weiss said the west London airport must be “priced fairly and open to competition”.

Heathrow is continuing to develop its plan to build a third runway, which was delayed by legal challenges and the coronavirus pandemic.

Virgin Atlantic boss Shai Weiss
Virgin Atlantic boss Shai Weiss said, ‘the regulatory framework and process is simply not working’ (Steve Parsons/PA)

In a speech at the Airlines 2022 conference in Westminster, Mr Weiss criticised the airport’s attempt to raise charges and its decision to limit capacity.

He told the audience that Heathrow’s request to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for permission to introduce a “120% price hike in per passenger charges” would have been “a bad deal for consumers, airlines and the UK economy”.

Mr Weiss said airlines “fought long and hard” to ensure the CAA does not allow that to happen and urged the Government to “pay closer attention to the abuse of power by a de facto monopolistic airport”.

In June, the CAA said its “final proposals” involve the cap on Heathrow’s average charge per passenger falling from £30.19 to £26.31 in 2026.

Mr Weiss also hit out at Heathrow imposing a cap on daily departing passengers in early July due to staff shortages, which caused flights to be cancelled.

He said the CAA must not allow Heathrow to “sleepwalk into another entirely avoidable period of disruption”.

He went on: “The regulatory framework and process is simply not working. It is broken and must be reformed.

“It must better balance the interests of airport shareholders with those of passengers and consumers.

“It must incentivise Heathrow’s owners to deliver an airport that is priced fairly and open to competition, focused on delivering a quality experience for airlines and their passengers, rather than excessive dividends for shareholders.

“Until that is achieved, it is difficult to see how expansion at Heathrow can be supported.”

A Heathrow spokesman said: “To deliver the airport service passengers expect, two things are needed: for our regulator to give us the ability to invest in the airport; and for all the operators at the airport to work together building back capacity.

“These are our focus right now. Our efforts are firmly directed towards the constructive engagement and collaboration with the regulator and with the airlines to deliver great service for passengers this Christmas and into next year.”

Virgin Atlantic boss says Heathrow expansion will be ‘difficult’ to supportLondontopia – The Website for People Who Love London

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