Month: August 2019

Secret Goldmine Cafe – Coffee meets pie

Australians and Kiwis know their coffee and it was well over a decade ago now that the so-called ‘3rd Wave’ coffee boom started  in London, led largely by a string [...]
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5 Unusual London Cafes

Chains, chains everywhere. London is riddled with cafe chains. Leave the herd behind and try out these 5 unique and independent (and very London) cafes. The Regency Cafe, Westminster Nearest stations: [...]
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Things you only know if you’re a London physio

…according to Ed Thompson, 29. Hardcore training is causing a lot of Londoners grief ‘The main complaints I get are knee or back pain. High-intensity workout groups have become popular, but [...]
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A Weekend of Culture, off the beaten path

Things to do in the Scottish Borders Warm, sunny afternoons, empty country roads, windows down… sneaks up on me with alarming realisation that I can’t remember the last time I [...]
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