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The London Fiver – Five Things to Do in September

The London Fiver – Five Things to Do in September

As we move fully into Autumn, London ramps up its events, with festivals, live art, concerts, plays, and more.  In the past, we’ve covered events such as the Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest Festival, the Totally Thames Festival, and the Underbelly Festival that all go on during this month.  Well, we’ve brought you five new events that you may not have known about until now.  From spy-filled casinos to wandering through other people’s homes, there are plenty of unique things to do in London during September.  Let us know your own favorite September happenings in the comments.

###Secret Cinema – Casino Royale

Starting in June and running through September, immersive theater experience Secret Cinema had to extend its run on this show because it kept selling out.  While the location may be secret, once you get there, you’ll find an entire cinema transformed into the titular gambling hall with plenty of nods to the film’s events and locations.  It’s a little on the pricey side depending on the package and the evening you choose, but no one walks away from a Secret Cinema experience unsatisfied.

###Streetfest London

Taking place on Saturday the 14th, Streetfest comes back the Oval for its 11th year.  Streetfest is all about the celebration of underground urban culture from art to music.  The latter is the reason that most people choose to go as the festival typically posts an impressive lineup of DJs and performers, though the street dance competitions, workshops, and visual arts displays bring in plenty of people as well.  Streetfest also features its own version of Speakers Corner, a place for people to deliver poetry and spoken word performances to reach your soul.

###Chihuly Nights at Kew Gardens

Artist Dale Chihuly designed the great glass chandelier for the Victoria and Albert Museum’s entrance hall and from August to October, his work is on display in Kew Gardens.  These beautiful glass sculptures are best seen at night when they are illuminated, and music from guest artists plays as you wander through the exhibit, with a different musician each night providing the soundtrack.  If you’re feeling a bit hungry or thirsty during your visit, Kew Gardens’ Pavilion Bar and Grill will be open along with the shops.  Since each night is different, you may want to experience it more than once.

###Open House London

On September 21 and 22, many of London’s architectural wonders open their doors and invite the public inside.  Public buildings, museums, churches, schools, and even private homes are part of Open House London, presenting a unique opportunity to see many places that are closed to the average person 99% of the year.  You can check out the full listing of participating properties on the website, which features more than 800 different buildings.  This event is a unique opportunity to see London as never before, so it is in your best interests to engage in an opportunity that comes only once a year.

###London Design Festival

If you haven’t had enough design at the V&A, you can check out the London Design Festival, which runs from September 14 to 22.  The museum hosts the festival, but events related to it can be found throughout the city and include artist exhibitions, art installations, architectural lectures, fashion showcases, and more.  Of course, there’s more to do than simply look at the work of others, as the London Design Festival also offers activities and workshops that will let you show off your own artistic skills and improve on them.  There’s no shortage of things to see and do during the festival, so it’s best to check out the website and plan accordingly.

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