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Riding House Cafe – Your hunting lodge brasserie

Riding House Cafe – Your hunting lodge brasserie

A hunting lodge is not something one would expect just off Oxford Street in central London. Yet stepping into The Riding House Cafe for lunch made me feel like I was going to hunt for my food rather than just eat it. Luckily I was able to sit and eat without calling the hounds.

The food at The Riding House is a fresh mix of British and Continental food. Although diners can order separate entrees, the real treat is to pick a mix of small plates and share with friends. The plates start at a very reasonable £ 6 so there is no excuse not to be adventurous with food selections.

On my last visit I chose a hearty and filling Superfood and Herb Salad with chicken (perfect for people getting ready for a beach holiday away from London). The Cafe’s location means it’s a great place to have a lunch meeting with colleagues or to meet with friends for a weekend brunch.

Be sure to say hello to the stuffed squirrels on the wall when you dine; they will be disappointed if you don’t.

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