Throughout All of This, London’s parks have become a haven for many, offering an escape from tiny living rooms as well as being basically the only place they could have a social life.

But the park temporarily replacing the pub has brought about new issues, and now Hackney Council has sought an injunction to temporarily ban drinking in London Fields. It was approved today (July 3) and will be in place from tomorrow (July 4). In a statement on its website, the council says this is because of ‘weeks of unacceptably high levels of litter, public urination/defecation and disturbance to local people, which is significantly impacting on the local community and results in people feeling excluded from the park’.

The injunction means that people will be prohibited from drinking alcohol, damaging wildlife, possessing, consuming or selling laughing gas or nitrous oxide, playing loud music, having barbecues, using generators and leaving litter in the park.

Hackney Council issued 193 fines in May and June, compared to nine fines in the previous 12 months. More than half the fines issued were to people who don’t live in the borough, with some people travelling from as far as Chelmsford, Bishop’s Stortford, Bexley and St Albans. 

As well as the injunction, the council is increasing its presence in the park by recruiting 12 enforcement offers to keep the park safe and clean.

Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville said: ‘London Fields is not a festival site – it’s a vital green space for everyone.’

He added: ‘We have already put extensive measures in place to try to tackle the issues but we are being left with no option but to apply for this temporary alcohol ban while we consider how to manage the situation in London Fields in the long term.’

In the meantime, maybe stick to your local park for your weekend sesh. Or at least don’t shit in a bush, yeah?

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