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Tramshed – Chicken or steak or…

Tramshed – Chicken or steak or…

It’s chicken and steak at Tramshed, or rather it’s chicken OR steak at Tramshed. That’s it. Two main dishes, chicken or steak. Nothing else.

There are, of course, slight variations on offer.

You can have the chicken salad if you don’t fancy the Spring Chicken for one… or you could share the barn-reared Indian Rock (chicken) with wild garlic sauce and chips.

If it’s the beef you are after then it’s Sirloin, Rib, Porterhouse (for two) or the salt beef and bobby bean salad. That’s it. I’ve mentioned every main dish you can have, I think. Almost. Of course this is a brave idea and one that lives and dies on them getting the mains right every single time they are ordered. Luckily, when I have been they have got them spectacularly right.

The chicken looks fantastic when it comes to the table. Not just, ‘ooh, that looks good’, but actually dramatic – it’s served upright, claws intact, on a specially designed plate. A proper ‘wow!’ moment.

The beef is less theatrical, but tastes fantastic. I always order the scrumpy-fried onions as a side dish. 

The building itself is also eye-catching with a specially commissioned Damien Hirst Cock and Bull installation dominating the Victorian tramshed. Below the main dining room is an art gallery open every day from 11:00-18:00.

The venue is spectacular, the restaurant is award-winning and it feels special without breaking the bank. Sometimes less really is more. 

(Little secret: I go here every year for my work Christmas lunch.)

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