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Oxford St. Spending Spree

Oxford St. Spending Spree

Your day begins very very early on this Oxford Street Spending Spree Impossible Experience; as London’s busiest street can only be closed off at ridiculous o’clock. The 5am start is however made that bit less daunting with a one night stay at the Ritz the previous evening. So feeling refreshed from your 5* sleep your personal Chauffeur will pick you up at 6am sharp to whisk you to Oxford Street. Well with it being one of London’s longest streets at a whopping 1.2 miles long you didn’t think we would let you walk did you?

Once you arrive at Oxford Street your one hour shopping spree begins. At this stage you might be thinking ‘this is all well and good but there’s not much you can fit into a rucksack is there?!’. Well we’ve got that part covered too! A VW camper van will follow you as you go from shop to shop so you can store your new belongings. When your one hour is finished the bells of  Big Ben will chime. Don’t worry though your time only ticks down when you are inside the shops so travelling between doesn’t count!

While the shopping spree is over at the point the impossible experience itself isn’t quite finished. The VW van will drive to your house to deliver your winnings but you won’t be joining them. Your chauffeur will drive you back to the Ritz for a celebratory breakfast and of course a well earned cup of tea. We can’t guarantee you will get back for breakfast though what with the London traffic so you may have to settle for Lunch. Oh it’s a tough life!

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