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SMART LEISURE 30 Minute Trial Flying Lesson

SMART LEISURE 30 Minute Trial Flying Lesson

Chocks away for a full range of cheap flying lessons around the UK! Become master of the skies with affordable 30 minute flights at a range of nationwide venues and get a taste for piloting over some of the most stunning locations in the country.If you’ve ever dreamed of flying your own plane then these cheap half-hour flying lessons are a low-cost way to get your first taste of cockpit success. Each session includes a safety talk where your pilot will explain the basic techniques for flying a plane. They’ll be in charge for the first part of your lesson but once you’re safely up in the air you’ll get the chance to take over the yoke and pedals to fly the plane yourself!The light aircraft you’ll be using depends on the airfield and flying school that you opt for but all of our cheap lessons offer the chance to fly modern well-maintained two seater aeroplanes including Pipers and Cessnas. All are well-known popular models for beginners and all can be found at our UK flying venues.  They offer a cheaper alternative to some of the larger aircraft which often incur higher lesson prices due to increased operating costs.These 30-minute trial lessons provide a thrilling introduction to flying cheaply and due to the range of airfields on offer are accessible too.They’re also a cost-effective way of finding out if becoming a pilot is something you’d be interested in. If that’s the case then it’s worth knowing that your flying lesson counts towards your air hours should you opt to pursue a PPL (Private Pilot License).So why not give someone you love the gift of flight and let them spread their wings over the breath-taking countryside of the UK with our cheap flying lessons?  We’re sure that any would-be high flyers are sure to love the challenge these best value lessons offer.

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