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Nando's launches a brand new menu item – and we tasted it

Nando's launches a brand new menu item – and we tasted it

Whoever says social media is ruining our lives hasn’t taken time to consider what happens when TikTok menu hacks become so powerful that the restaurant simply has to put them on the menu.

This is the current situation Nando’s finds themselves in, adding fully loaded chips to their IRL menu, after hoards of hungry fans started making DIY versions of the dish and sharing videos of their meaty spoils online. 

The original hack saw the Nando’s faithful slamming together chips and chicken to create a Frankenstein’s monster of a meal. Here’s to culinary innovation! The whole process is a bit easier now, with Nando’s chefs getting involved and making an actual fully loaded chips recipe and putting in on the menu for £8. The run-down of the ingredients is thus: Peri-salted chips and pulled chicken in whatever spice you fancy, with added melted cheddar cheese, spring onions, mild Peri-Tamer sauce and a creamy dressing. 

We popped down to Nando’s in Soho to give them a go. Thoughts; a little bit more melted cheese and a little bit more sauce would have been a nice touch, just to get those fries somewhat sloppier (are fries ever truly loaded if they’re not indulgently wet and sticky?), but as meat and potatoes come, Nando’s completists will be thrilled.

Fully loaded chips aren’t the only new item for Nando’s this summer. The chain has also just launched a vegetarian-friendly pepper & feta dip, and are bringing back their mild garlic BBQ ‘guest spice’, which hasn’t been on the menu for a while, but is now making a pungent return for a limited time.

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