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Revealed: the fittest part of London is…

Revealed: the fittest part of London is…

Are you one of the 9,000-odd people who actually live in the tiny City of London? Probably not – but if so, congrats! According to data collected by Barratt Homes, the City is officially the fittest area of the capital. With Hackney and Islington close behind, London takes eight spots in the top 20 fittest places in England.

However, City slickers shouldn’t get too smug: based on analysis about how often residents engage in physical activity, it’s actually Exeter which takes the crown for the fittest place in the UK. With 79 percent of its residents exercising for 150 minutes or more per week, the south-western city puts us all to shame.

Barking & Dagenham ranked the most unfit borough in London, with both Enfield and Barnet also ranked among the least fit (they still beat Slough, though: the most unfit place in the whole of England). But don’t get down in the dumps: Instagram hashtag data showed that London was the UK city most motivated to get fit in 2019. So if getting toned is your new year goal, put on those trainers, get your blood pumping and rally for your London borough.

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