Unlike the standard pub, The Eagle has a unique offering and atmosphere unlike any other pub I’ve experienced. The Eagle is reputed for not only being Britain’s first gastropub but to have allegedly coined the term as well. With its mismatched furniture, chalkboard menu and vibrant atmosphere it’s no wonder it’s revolutionized the traditional British pub experience into something new and exciting.

What makes The Eagle so unique is their superb menu combining unique ingredients and unlikely offerings. Some of the dishes include a creamy spinach risotto with roasted garlic and parmesan or a juicy rump steak sandwich cooked to perfection. The menu changes daily and the grill chef writes it up on the chalkboard only five minutes before they begin serving. I often have very adventurous choices and have never been let down by the quality and taste of the dishes they serve. It gets very busy quickly so if you’re stuck in a queue, just grab a pint while you wait!

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