There were many benefits to marrying Mr S, not least of all I got to upgrade my surname. I liked my maiden name, but there’s no doubt that I was excited to have a precious metal as my second name. So pleased in fact that I named my blog after my new name – thinking up SilverSpoon was kind of a eureka moment and I’m still very proud of the name. Which is why when I was invited to experienced the London Silver Vaults, it just seemed oh so appropriate.

The London Silver Vaults have teamed up with The Savoy and Dr Johnson’s House to offer the ultimate ‘Tea Triangle Experience’ celebrating a long heritage of both silver and tea. 
Having actually never heard of the London Silver Vaults, I wasn’t sure what to expect. So I headed into the subterranean Chancery Lane location with eager anticipation. What I discovered was a rabbit warren network of silver shops, each an Aladdin’s cave of wonder! The vault originally opened in 1876 as a secure storage place but it was rebuilt after the Second World War and now home to thirty shops, many of which are family run businesses which go back generations.

With some shops selling contemporary silver and some selling antique, it’s the perfect way to add pieces to your collection whatever your taste or budget. Some items date back hundreds of years, for example spoons from the time of Henry VIII.
In relation to tea, we were told that the best tea is brewed in a silver pot as silver retains heat very well and doesn’t add to the taste of the brew. Meaning the taste of the tea is ‘truer’ if it’s brewed in silver. We also learnt the silver tea boxes were kept locked tight as the tea inside was actually worth more than the silver.

And speaking of which it was time to head to our destination for afternoon tea…
The Savoy is one of London’s iconic hotels so it’s no surprise that the afternoon tea would be an utter classic. 
Served in the hotel’s Thames Foyer we took our seats as live piano music played and we admired the hotel’s beautiful silver tea service.  
House champagne is Louis Roederer Brut Premier, NV served in the most gorgeous etched glass. 
Keeping with tradition sandwiches are served first:

Scottish smoked salmon with lemon infused crème fraîche and watercress on Norfolk crunch bread.
Coronation chicken on olive bread.
Classic egg with mustard cress on white bread.
Sliced cucumbers and cream cheese with mint on caraway seed bread.
Roast beef sandwich whole grain mustard with horseradish cream.
Rocket spring mushroom tartlet with caramelized Golden Cross goats cheese and micro salad.
Plain and raisin scones are served with Cornish clotted cream, homemade lemon curd, strawberry jam.

The pastries use only the finest ingredients and have been created y the Savoy’s Executive Pastry chef.

Cornish strawberry tartlet with strawberries, rhubarb and hints of vanilla.
Dark Chocolate Cake Made with a 60% dark chocolate from Ghana, and enhanced with Amarena cherries.
Traditional choux pastry with roasted apricot compote filling and  fresh passion fruit pulp and homemade pistachio praline.
Peach macaroon with an almond cream topped with different textures of white, yellow and blood peaches – an absolutely gorgeous creation. 
There’s a third stop on the tea triangle tour which we didn’t quite make… Dr Johnson’s House, the original home and workplace of the great writer who was also a tea enthusiast. Here you can see a collection of books, paintings and artefacts relevant to the man most famous for writing the modern Dictionary.

The Tea Triangle is the ultimate way for tea lovers and Anglophiles to discover more about the heritage of tea and silver. To book you can email The Silver Vaults at quoting ‘tea triangle’. Tea bookings are made directly through The Savoy.

Entry to the Vaults and Dr JOhnson’s House is free and the tea is £65.

I was a guest for the Tea Triangle Tour 

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