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Urker Viswinkel (Fish shop), Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Urker Viswinkel

“Never compromise on freshness and quality! We have customers of all ages – from children to grandparents – who come back again and again for the quality of our herring…”

– Dirk Bos

Urker Viswinkel, the best fish shop in the Jordaan, is owned by a true “Urkse visser” (fisherman from the town of Urk). 90% of the Urk population work in the fishing industry and generation upon generation of Dirk’s family have been fishermen. They purchase their fish from small Dutch boats (never from large industrial fishing boats) which ensures the highest quality in terms of freshness and sustainability. All the boats are closely monitored to make sure that the seas remain well-stocked and to ensure the continued welfare of the fish.

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