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Gliding Black Mountains

Gliding Black Mountains

Experience some of the most amazing lift conditions possible in a glider with our Black Mountains gliding adventure! Soar above the imposing peaks and take in all the spectacular scenery of Mid Wales from 2 000ft in the air whilst learning what it takes to become a glider pilot with mid-air tuition.

This friendly aero club is at 970ft above sea level at the foot of the Black Mountains in Powys a gliding mecca for those in the know. The unique topography of the area around the airfield means that average flight times from Talgarth Airfield are some of the longest in the whole of the UK as you can catch thermal mountain and ridge lifts all keeping you soaring and gaining height for as long as possible. In fact the record altitude from this unique mountain setting is a head-spinning 32000ft!

There are four options to choose from at this glider club – one-to-one sessions for between one and three tows or an experience for two where each of you will receive an individual flight. All sessions include tuition and instruction before you get towed up by the club’s Pawnee tug plane and released. There thousands of feet up in your own glider you’ll experience the full majesty of the Black Mountains as you glide over  the Brecon Beacons National Park in a silent graceful flight back down to earth.

All of the Black Mountains glider flights last a minimum of 20 minutes but thanks to the aforementioned thermals airtime is frequently much longer. Because all the gliders are dual control this isn’t just a pleasure flight – you’ll be invited to take the controls under the strict supervision of your gliding instructor enabling you to seize the proverbial piloting reins on every session.

Every Black Mountains instructor is fully BGA (British Gliding Association) qualified and the great advantage of this venue is that the club is open all year round so you can opt for a flight over the snow-capped mountains in winter or take in a stunning Welsh sunset during the long summer days. Perfect for flying enthusiasts or anyone wanting to enjoy the Welsh countryside from a new perspective Black Mountains gliding is an unforgettable aeronautical excursion.

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