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Motorgliding in Devon

Motorgliding in Devon

Marvellous motorgliding over Devon! Take off from Dunkeswell Airfield and enjoy a trial flight in a motorised glider. Once airborne you’ll be treated to amazing views of Devon’s finest from coast to countryside.

Dunkeswell is a lovely little airfield just north of Honiton sitting pretty in the Blackdown Hills. Or rather we should say on the hills as this airfield at 839ft above sea level is the highest licensed airfield in the country. It’s also well-known amongst the aviation community for excellent rising currents to soar in.

That’s why we are offering three different motorglider flights for you. If you’re looking for a taster into the world of motorised gliding go for the 30-minute experience where you’ll get to see all the best of Devonshire’s countryside in the local area. For the more daring amongst you we can highly recommend the Mile High flight where you’ll do just that. Climb up to one mile high (where you can see both the north and south Devon coasts) and then go soaring.

For maximum air time go for the Jurassic Coast flight which takes you on an aerial adventure down to charming Lyme Regis (famed for fossils and being where French Lieutenant’s Women was filmed) and along this stunning coastline all the way to Exmouth.

Being in a motorised glider for these flights you get the best of both worlds. You take off under your own power climb to the height you want to go and then cut off the engine so you can glide and experience the serenity of powerless flight. The Scheibe Rotax Falke motorgliders used at Dunkeswell also have the distinct advantage of excellent in-flight visibility thanks to the large domed cockpit glass.

It’s also worth noting that these aircraft are side-by-side configuration so you’ll be sitting up front right next to your pilot instructor and able to see everything that they’re doing. And that might come in handy as these models have dual controls so if you’re up for it you’ll be able to have go at piloting your motorglider over Devon yourself!

Find out more and book your place today!

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