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McLaren 570s Drive with Hotlap

McLaren 570s Drive with Hotlap

Get ready for your McLaren 570S drive! The chance to drive a McLaren 570S should not be taken lightly. This is a wonderful car and one that is pretty rare even amongst the supercar fraternity. Make the most of our McLaren 570 experiences and drive this amazing car for three or six miles.

The McLaren 570S’s specs say it all. It’s a superlative sports car. The name McLaren is synonymous with motoring racing at the highest level. What’s more it’s a British designed and built car having rolled off the very pristine production line at Woking. Well we say production line it’s more like a laboratory where cars are hand-built by highly-skilled technicians.

As well as drop dead gorgeous looks this car has power. Just look at those specs. A 0-100km/h time of just 3.2 seconds. That means you will have gone from standing start to 62mph by the time you read this sentence to this full stop. The McLaren 570S is a mind-bogglingly rapid drive. All that’s possible thanks to the carbon and aluminium body the 3.8l twin turbo V8 engine and the incredible aerodynamics.

McLaren’s obsession with aerodynamics has more than paid off with the 570S. Air intakes galore with sculpted bodywork designed to direct cooling air to the right place and create oodles of downforce help keep this incredible car glued to the road as you drive. And we have to give a special mention to the doors. A work of automotive art in themselves. They are classic McLaren butterfly doors that open upwards and outwards and they’re frameless too. Impressive.

So now you’re actually in the car. Cocooned in the cockpit it is ( apart from the ‘infotainment’ screen) pretty minimalist. You’ll feel instantly engaged with the 570S. Engine burbling away this is the moment of your McLaren test drive. Your chance to see how this seven-speed dual-clutch V8 copes with the track. And we have to say driving the McLaren 570S is a thrill. Pure driving heaven. Not bad for a car dubbed the ‘affordable and practical’ of McLarens by the manufacturers themselves!

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