This might be one of the hottest deals London’s ever seen. A thermometer has been fitted outside London Cocktail Club’s bars: every time temperatures rise this summer, Piña Coladas (usually £8) will get slashed in price. And with the weather forecast as it stands, that mercury is heading skywards as soon as this Sunday.

At 25C, bag the tropical drink – rum, cream of coconut and pineapple – for just £5. At 30C, expect two for a fiver. And should a humdinger of a heatwave hit, grab the cocktail for free if it soars above 35. It is, after all, the only certifiable way to cool down in the capital. 

London Cocktail Club’s ‘Heatrave’ deal will take place at all LCC bars across London, with discount Piña Coladas on offer until Sep 6. 

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