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Lidl might open a store in Knightsbridge

Lidl might open a store in Knightsbridge

Like a blue double-decker bus or a Hackney restaurant that doesn’t do small plates, a Lidl in Knightsbridge isn’t something that you’d typically expect to see in the capital. But we must really be deep into the cost of living crisis, because the affordable supermarket might be opening in one of London’s bougiest neighborhoods. 

Currently, Lidl’s Tottenham Court Road shop is its only location in central London, however that could all change soon. The store has published a list of potential spots for a new central London outpost, with Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Westminster all being potential locations. 

The list includes 247 sites in London and the immediately surrounding areas. While it did include every borough, there was a large focus on the city centre with 31 sites between Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Camden, Islington and the City, even including locations at St. Paul’s or the Barbican, on the list.

Lidl is on the hunt for a site with at least 0.8 acres, and will pay a finder’s fee to anyone who can help the shop find its new location. The German-founded supermarket has rocketed in popularity as food prices continue to increase, being the fastest-growing supermarket in the UK. 

Ryan McDonnell, Lidl’s GB chief executive, said: ‘The last few years have been challenging for everyone, but we’ve made it clear that we’re more committed than ever to ensuring that every single household has access to a Lidl store.

‘That’s why our focus is firmly on the future as we continue to grow and invest in our infrastructure, while keeping a lookout for more sites and locations across the country.’

After all, even the super-rich deserve an affordable supermarket. 

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