A city that was in the grips of a civil war just 40 years ago, Belfast is a destination that has undergone a dazzling transformation. Once the industrial hub that built and launched the ill-fated Titanic, Belfast has since blossomed into a vibrant and fun city. It’s a place where students, locals and tourists gather for evenings of live music, dancing and socialising, and sleek new museums dwarf the city’s skyline. As advocates of the microadventure and holidaying closer to home, we were thrilled to be invited to visit the city as part of our wider Historic Royal Palaces ambassadorship. Due to visit the newly opened Hillsborough Castle, we were fortunate enough to also squeeze in a whirlwind sight-seeing day in Belfast. Located just a short 25-minute drive from Hillsborough, this was the perfect destination to pair with a very royal castle. A city of delicate cultural layers, where mesmerising murals dedicated to Belfast’s troubled past sit alongside newly built tourist attractions, this is a genuinely fascinating city to explore. Below is a quick round-up of what to do in Belfast if you’re visiting for just one day. From grabbing an obligatory pint of Guinness in one of the city’s […]

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