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Beginners Caving

Beginners Caving

It’s unusual but we think you’ll love it – horizontal caving in the Peak District! If you’ve never been caving before you’ll be thrilled and enthralled as you explore an underground labyrinth with the careful guidance of expert instructors. We are offering half and full day caving experiences for you.

First things first you’ll need to get kitted out in all the gear which is a sturdy waterproof suit and boots along with a helmet and head torch. Yes this below ground expedition means you’ll be leaving the daylight behind for a weird and wonderful subterranean world that is only lit up by your own lamp.

As you move through the caverns you’ll come across extraordinary displays of stalactites hanging from soaring cave roofs and stalagmites growing up from the floor. Along the way you’ll come across underground waterfalls and rivers which rise and fall according to the weather. This is a unique experience combining some strenuous activity with the rewards of seeing rare sights far from the everyday world.

Whilst caving in the Peak District you’ll learn about the geology and the amazing way nature slowly forms these incredible sights over millions of years. You’ll discover how these fascinating environments have taken ages to evolve their fantastic shapes complete with crystal and clay formations. Those long slender stalactites just able to support their own weight and the solid stumpy stalagmites arrayed across the rocky floor are just two types of calcite formations that may greet a visitor to this unique natural world.

All this will be explained to you by enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides as you move around. They will also tell you when to be prepared to come face to face with slippery or wet sections as well as parts where you’ll need to scramble or climb.

There are various locations where these half and full day caving trips takes place but before you go on your underground voyage you have to complete a safety briefing. This is when your guide will take you through the basics of how to move around comfortably through the caverns. This is an experience that is certainly out of the ordinary so go on and give caving in the Peak District a go!

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