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Climbing in South Wales

Climbing in South Wales

Take to the Welsh mountains when you go rock climbing in South Wales! Find your feet on the rock faces of the Brecon Beacons and learn the basics of sport climbing from fully trained instructors during this brilliantly action-packed day out that takes place way up high in the hills.

Escaping to experience the outdoor life is increasingly becoming a priority in our rushed busy lives and rock climbing is a real ‘back to basics’ sport which really makes you feel at one with the beautiful scenery and challenges that nature can throw at you. These rock ascents offer the perfect introduction to climbing with the breathtaking backdrop of South Wales to spur you onwards and upwards.

As this experience is aimed at those with little or no climbing experience the activity starts with a safety briefing and introduction to using the harnesses and ropes as well as touching on the sort of knots climbers use. Once kitted out with a helmet and harness you’ll be taught the basics of climbing techniques – from bouldering and traversing the rock to being aware of hand and foot positions and how important they are. You’ll also be shown the skills required for the abseiling descent to get you back down to earth without a bump.

The afternoon session ensures you have plenty of opportunities to try out and develop the basic rock climbing skills learnt that morning. The South Wales team is always on hand to help out and before you know it you will be tackling higher more complex climbs and abseiling back down with ease. And believe us nothing can prepare you for that ‘on top of the world’ feeling when you conquer your first climbing challenge!

This sensational scramble is great for those wanting to discover climbing and South Wales is the perfect location combining spectacular mountain venues with a full range of rock climbing routes.

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