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Gliding in Colchester

Gliding in Colchester

Learn all about gliding in Colchester at this Essex and Suffolk gliding club! Perfectly placed in the middle of the Colchester/Braintree/Sudbury triangle this glider club based out of Wormingford Airfield offers top-notch glider instruction in a modern fleet of aircraft all launched by winch.

Several things stand out when you visit this Wormingford gliding club. The place is really well-kept and has excellent facilities. The people are friendly and welcoming with an ‘open door’ policy during operational gliding hours. And the fleet of gliders is well-maintained and ready to take you into the skies above Colchester all year round.

As you’ll see it’s a bustling place over at Wormingford with anything up to 35 privately-owned gliders and an impressive eight club-owned gliders in residence. This is an impressive number and it means the member to glider ratio is pretty low here so you can pretty much get airborne when you want to if you’re a fully qualified glider pilot member at the club.

Equally impressive is the dedication of the members. No-one is employed here it’s all about that passion for gliding with a rota for duties such as daily inspections flying log launch marshalling cable tow out vehicle driving and winch driving. This is literally the beating heart of this BGA accredited club out of Wormingford and you’ll be able to observe how it all works when you visit.

We’ve got a whole range of gliding sessions for you at this base near Colchester. The Gliding Experience is the introductory one which gives you one winch launch. The Trial Lesson offers you more time in the air over one or two flights. Budding glider pilots in the Anglia area will love the Day Course with a combined time of up to one hour in the air spread over several flights in just one day.

And as well as learning all the technical stuff about gliding you’ll see the area around Colchester from the air – including the lovely Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and that rolling Suffolk arable countryside this area is known for. Go gliding near Colchester and you’ll be combining an enthusiastic club welcome with some lovely aerial views as you soar.

Find out more and book your place today!

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