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Gliding in Lincolnshire

Gliding in Lincolnshire

Gliding in Lincolnshire comes in three guises: you can be towed up by a tug plane you can be winched up on a cable or you can propel yourselves up into the blue skies of Lincolnshire in a glider with its own motor. All are great ways to see the patchwork quilt countryside of the East Midlands and we’ve got a full range of flight options available to suit glider novices and aerial enthusiasts alike.

The flight and aircraft type for these experiences at Saltby Airfield in Lincolnshire will be chosen by your instructor on the day primarily to suit your needs as well as taking into account things like weather equipment and instructor availability. 

For those wanting a short but sweet taste of gliding the introductory flight is perfect giving you just enough flight time to experience what being airborne in a glider is all about. The glider flying lesson option gives you around 20 minutes of airborne time which could be one or spread across multiple flights. And for those who really want to find out what it’s like to be a pilot of a glider the one day course gives you a full day at this Lincolnshire aerodrome with two or more flights.

As for how you get into the air in your glider the winch tow offers a quicker launch to a lower altitude. You’ll then be able to enjoy a smooth leisurely flight back to the airfield – but be warned your ascent is anything but slow and gentle! The winches take you from 0-60 mph in around three seconds providing a blast of adrenaline before allowing you to take in the spectacular views that a glider flight in Lincolnshire offers at a slightly more sedate pace.

On aerotows the club’s tug plane takes you up to around 1 500-2 000ft before detaching leaving your gliding soundlessly across the Lincolnshire skies as your instructor explains and demonstrates the controls of this elegant aircraft. What’s more you’ll have the opportunity to pilot the glider yourself for a short time.

And finally for a spot of gliding at this Lincs airfield with a difference there’s the glider with a motor. This self-propelled aircraft still looks like a traditional sailplane with the large wingspan but it is equipped with a motor and propellor so you actually take off like a standard light aircraft before gaining altitude and then turning the engine off to then glide gracefully back down to earth.

As well as the flexibility with flight times and aircraft this club plays another ace card by operating seven days a week (weather depending). It is also handily located near to the motorways and major A-roads making gliding in Lincolnshire accessible for glider fans from around the East Midlands. 

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