Bursting into tears wasn’t exactly the reaction I’d hoped for after ushering my friend into her suite at The Grand Hotel & Spa York. Staring in horror as tears slid down her face, I asked her what was wrong. “Nothing is wrong at all”, she said, “this is just overwhelming.”  Collapsing onto the plush sofa that filled the Heritage Suite, she grabbed a glass of champagne before adding: “this might be normal for you two nowadays, but for me this is really special.” Leaping to reassure her that this was certainly not how we usually travelled (anyone remember the night we camped in a yurt in Dartmoor – in February?), Laura and I rallied round. Truth be told, we were equally overwhelmed by the bubble of luxury surrounding us. As Laura’s neighbour in university halls over 13 years ago, Jenny is the friend that dragged us (kicking and screaming) into adulthood. Patiently teaching us to cook; helping us to bury the many hamsters we amassed over the student years; reading our essays and being one of our closest companions ever since, we owe Jen a lot. With her wedding fast approaching, we therefore wanted to plan a special weekend away to say ‘thank you’ […]

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