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BookMongers – Book lover’s paradise

BookMongers – Book lover’s paradise

Dating back to 1992, BookMongers truly is one of the gems of Brixton, which is in turn one of the gems of London, meaning a trip down to this quirky bookshop is well worth your time. 

Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of one of South London’s most vibrant neighborhoods is a bookshop that ignores the soulless drudgery of modern capitalist life, and instead invites you into a cosy corner out of the rain, out of the noise and into a world of books. The prices are incredible and the selection is both sprawling yet finely tuned. 

Expect to find the work of masters for three quid at Bookmongers, which even has the odd nook and cranny to take a moment and read. With fairly lights and books absolutely everywhere this is a veritable den of words and wonder. Just be warned, if you head down to Bookmongers with a busy schedule, be prepared to miss your next appointment. 

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