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Flashback – Searching for the perfect beat | The Real Britain Company

Being a music fan and especially a vinyl fan over the last few years hasn’t been that easy. Record shops have closed by the dozen and second hand records have been harder and harder to find – unless you search online.

But part of the thrill and beauty of records is having them in your hand. Feeling the weight of the vinyl. The smell of it. Seeing the graphic design as it was meant to be seen. And most record collectors will say the same; ideally shopping for second hand records should be done in person, not online.

Luckily for me, and for vinyl junkies like me, places like the excellent Flashback still exists.

The store opened in 1997 and used to sell second hand clothes in the basement. Thankfully that has changed and the second hand vinyl is downstairs while the new LP releases are on the ground floor with the CDs and DVDs.

I like the fact that the old records are in the basement. It adds to the mystique. Makes the search for that elusive LP that much greater.

The store is friendly, they have listening posts (a vital component), the staff are knowledgeable and most importantly for the digger, the prices are reasonable. 

Luckily for me, London is having a bit of a resurgence in record shops at the moment with excellent new places like Love VinylRye Wax and Cosmos opening, but, Flashback is still my favourite place to buy second hand records in London.

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