There are plenty of people that claim London lacks a sense of community. These people clearly haven’t been to Green Lanes. This road, famed for its delicious kebab shops and range of pubs, is constantly abuzz with activity. 

Jam in a Jar, situated on the northern end of Greens Lanes, is my new favourite hang out spot to watch the world go by. Cafe by day, it serves a range of delicious brunches and lunches including extensive vegan and veggie options. At night is when it really comes into its own – transforming into an intimate bar and live music venue. From cuban jazz to flamenco to Balkan swing, this independent bar offers an impressive range of global music with bands coming from far and wide to play. 

The regulars are a friendly, local crowd who are usually up for a chat or a dance and, to top it all off, at closing time you can go for a late-night snack at one of the renowned Turkish eateries nearby such as Hala or Gokyuzu – the ideal end to any evening. 

Check facebook for upcoming listings. 

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