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Lose yourself in a tunnel of fog this summer | The Real Britain Company

A few years back, Danish artist Olafur Eliasson brought the sun to London for once. His Tate Turbine Hall installation ‘The Weather Project’ was an enormous artificial solar orb, and people flocked to bathe in its light. It’s one of the best, and most popular, things the Tate’s ever put on in its cavernous central space. And now Eliasson is coming back, this time for a major summer blockbuster exhibition filled with tricks of light and perspective.

One of the central installations is set to be ‘Your blind passenger’ a tunnel of discombobulating coloured fog. Visitors, who’ll only be let in a handful at a time, will navigate the 45m tunnel totally blind. Eliasson hopes it will make you realise that even without your eyes you’re never truly ‘blind’. What does that mean? No fogging idea, but it looks nice. A show not to be mist, etc etc etc.

Eliasson’s new exhibition opens at Tate Modern on July 11. Find more info here.

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