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Prosecco on Pluto

Prosecco on Pluto

Have yourself an out of this world picnic with our Prosecco on Pluto experience! Head over to the Dwarf Planet with a crate of Prosecco nibbles and a whole load of friends for a totally far out day on the other side of the solar system.

These inter-galactic packages are not for the fainthearted. For a start Pluto is a long long way away. But that’s OK as you’ll be transported in a super fast space craft and as soon as you board the stewards will be cracking open the first of many celebratory bottles of lovely bubbly Prosecco which will certainly help to while away the long journey.

We have to warn you that once landed on Pluto you’ll soon discover the average temperature is a rather chilly -229 degrees. But we’ve thought of that and each voyager is kitted out with a super insulated space suit designed by Stella McCartney so you can be warm and cosy and fashionable at the same time.

It might also be worth mentioning that these Prosecco trips to Pluto only run at certain times of the century as Pluto has an atmosphere for only very short periods of time when it’s orbit is closest to the sun. And Pluto orbits the sun every 246 years as opposed to earth’s 365 days. And although the air is toxic all our spacesuits have filters so you can breathe and even integrated straws so you can still enjoy your Prosecco. On the positive side one third of Pluto is icy water so your Prosecco will always be nice chilled before drinking.

One thing that certainly can’t be beaten on Pluto is the view. You can invariably see the stars all day and night long and it’s certainly a novelty to watch the sun rising in the West and setting in the East. And if you are lucky enough to catch sight of any of Pluto’s five moons your breath will be taken away. Then again that could just be the lack of oxygen.

Booking a Prosecco on Pluto experience is certainly one like no other. You’ll be drinking in all that delicious Italian bubbliness in a far far away land that’s so distant it’s hard to imagine. One scientist quipped: ‘Looking at Pluto from Earth is like looking at a walnut 30 miles away’. Sounds like an incredible adventure to us!

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