Step inside the Nordic Bakery and you’re immediately in your favourite Scandinavian capital: wood-panelled walls to your right, industrial ceiling above and, to your left and set against a devastatingly effortless blue wall, the obligatory smorgasbord of dark rye sandwiches, lingonberry tarts, blueberry buns and tasty coffee, made the Nordic way, with lots of milk (though the menu’s inclusion of espressos and short lattes will pacify those whose coffee-drinking hearts beat further south).

Above all that, what gets me hurrying through the door is the cinnamon rolls. You’ll likely smell them before you see them, as they’re often in the oven when you arrive, though the sight is hard to miss: huge and bulbous, bulging rather than swirling-more Helsinki than Stockholm, or so I’m told-with clouds of fluffy sweetness hiding under a crispy shell. If you can walk past without being lured in by these, you deserve a knighthood.

Nordic Bakery has also published a cookbook in case you feel like trying it all at home.

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