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Is there anything more annoying about air travel than a layover?  Okay, maybe bad food, crying babies, terrible in-flight movies, or that one other passenger that causes so much trouble they have to get duct taped to a seat.  But anyway, layovers can still be pretty annoying especially when you need to fly an incredibly long distance like, say, to London.  Fortunately for you, there are many cities in the United States that offer direct flights to London so you don’t have to worry about changing planes.  We’ve identified ten of these cities along with the airports and airlines that offer this great service.  This isn’t a complete list, so if we left some out you can share that with us in the comments.

New York City

New York City is kind of an obvious one since it has the shortest distance to travel and both are major cities in their respective countries.  From JFK Airport, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Virgin, and JetBlue all offer daily flights, while British Airways also offers flights from Newark along with United Airlines. 


Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of the major hubs in the United States, so it stands to reason that they also offer daily flights to London.  Naturally, being a Delta hub, that airline offers regular flights but you can also get there courtesy of UK air travel titans British Airways and Virgin. 


Recently, Raleigh-Durham’s RDU airport resumed offering direct flights to London courtesy of American Airlines.  American Airlines only offers one flight per day, but its perfect for residents of the Triangle who don’t want to have to worry about going through New York. 


Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport offers flights to all points on the globe including London.  Three major airlines offer daily flights to the city including British Airways, American Airlines, and United Airlines.  Each of them offers multiple flights per day (though BA sometimes only has one, so check the schedule). 


If you feel like jetting off from the land of Disney World and Universal to land that inspired Mary Poppins and Harry Potter, Orlando’s MCO airport offers a couple of options.  British Airways offers one daily flight while Virgin doubles that number. 


On the other side of the country, Portland’s PDX international airport offers a single daily flight from the city to London.  At PDX, you can hitch a ride courtesy of British Airways. 

Los Angeles

Another of America’s largest cities, it should be no surprise that LAX also has several direct flights to London.  Passengers’ options for airlines include American Airlines, British Airways, and Virgin for multiple daily flights, while United Airlines offers a single option each day. 


Interestingly, Boston’s Logan airport offers the most flights to London of any city in the United States.  From here, you can hop on a flight from JetBlue, Delta, Virgin, British Airways, American Airlines, or United Airlines.  JetBlue also offers a flight directly to Gatwick on occasion if you don’t want to arrive via Heathrow. 

Washington, DC

If you want to fly from one nation’s capital to the other, you can hitch a ride at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC.  Like a majority of the airports on this list, they have about three airlines that offer daily flights to London including British Airways, Virgin, and American Airlines.  Unlike other airports on this list, United actually offers the most daily flights at 3, possibly owing to the fact that Dulles is one of United’s hubs. 

Las Vegas

If you’re feeling Lucky after you hit the Last Vegas casinos, you can take a flight directly from Sin City to London at Las Vegas International Airport.  Both British Airways and Virgin offer flights to the UK capital, but each only has one per day. 

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