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Dream Festival Experience

Dream Festival Experience

This is your opportunity to go down in the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame by putting on your very own dream festival. While the experience itself technically lasts one day it involves a lot of forward planning. The first question you must answer is where are you going to host this epic day of music. Any venue in the UK is open to you. Will it be Wembley or the more traditional Worthy Farm? You call the shots.

Choosing the venue is though the easy bit. Next you must choose your acts – and to make it an especially difficult decision – you can have any act from the past or present. So will you have Jimi Hendrix rocking the main stage? Or is One Direction more your thing? The decision is yours and you can have as many acts as you can fit into your schedule.

The only catch is you can only have one headliner – and they can’t be a super group so none of the McBusted stuff! With the venue secure and the acts sorted there’s one last thing to consider. With such an exclusive lineup the media will be all over it – so who do you give the TV Rights to? Do you give it to one of the big providers such as the BBC ITV or Channel 4? Or do you give your friend Jason who studies film at university a chance to make a name for himself?  

Once the festival is over it’s party time. Luckily this the one part of the day you don’t have to organise. All of the acts who participated in the festival will be there as well as anyone you want to bring; so you can close the most awesome festival the world has ever seen (seriously it’s on par with Woodstock) in style.

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