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Gliding in Buckinghamshire

Gliding in Buckinghamshire

Going gliding at High Wycombe is sure to be an exciting day out as this airfield near High Wycombe is very active with British Airways training schools a helicopter and two fixed wing aero clubs all on site. There’s always lots going on so anyone with an interest in all forms of flying will delight in getting stuck in to the aviation mix here in High Wycombe.

Officially know as Wycombe Air Park many still call the airfield simply ‘Booker’ harking back to the days of RAF Booker that was open for operations in 1941. Making the transition from Air Force to civilian aerodrome in the early 1960s this High Wycombe site has grown in popularity to the busy little place it is now with many types of aviation on offer including the gliding you’ll be doing.

Indeed you’ll be taking your lesson at one of the foremost gliding clubs in the country with a full fleet of aircraft including several two seater trainer planes such as the ASK13 21 and Duo Discus. Single seaters include the Pegasus K-18 and the Junior gliders. And to get each glider up in the air over High Wycombe the club has a Robin a Piper Super Cub and a Piper Pawnee as tug aircraft.

With so much going on around you your glider flight is bound to be full of excitement. As you head off being towed by one of the tug planes keep your wits about you and you’ll see some rather fine vintage aircraft based at the same airfield – you may strike lucky and spot the Spitfire from your privileged viewpoint inside the glider’s cockpit that is housed on site here in High Wycombe too!

Whether you book one two aerotows or an introductory half day giving you three trips up in the glider High Wycombe’s friendliest club is the ideal take off airfield for enthusiasts as well as those keen to ‘have a go’ and experience the serenity of powerless flight – and yes you will be having a go at the controls so get ready to handle the glider all by yourself!  

Into the Blue has a variety of gliding centres throughout the UK as well as a wide choice of experience days for almost any activity.

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