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Gliding in Yorkshire

Gliding in Yorkshire

Go gliding in Yorkshire with Burn Gliding Club for the winged experience of a lifetime over the hills and moors! This North Yorkshire centre is situated on an ex-WWII bomber command airfield near Burn outside Selby and offers unparalleled aerial views of the scenic surroundings and a birds-eye perspective of God’s own county. 

What’s more its rural location means that summertime sunshine creates plenty of localised rising currents of air (or thermals) thanks to what the Burn gliding team refers to as the ‘Pennine wave’ giving your glider that extra boost to keep you airborne for even longer. In winter the plumes from the three nearby power stations of Drax Eggborough and Ferrybridge recreate this thermal lift effect even when there’s snow on the ground everywhere else making this a unique setting for gliding.

All glider experience days at this Yorkshire airfield begin with a brief welcome then it’s out to the runways to find out which of the club’s many twin-seater gliders you’ll be flying. With an extensive range of aircraft available including ASK13 ASK21 Janus and Astor twin seat aircraft making up Burn’s expansive glider fleet you’ll be spoiled for choice.

You’ll be shown the various aspects of the sailplane before both you and one of the club’s top-notch instructors climb into the cockpit for your flight. Airtime lasts between 15-30 minutes depending on how many thermals are active to keep you soaring higher and higher. And of course gliding time depends on your release height too with 2000ft 3000ft and the impressive mile-high (that’s 5280ft!) flight options available.

Flying is always an awe-inspiring experience especially when you’re in a sleek graceful aircraft that’s utterly devoid of man-made noise (there’s still the wind whistling around you!). The entire event is a very different set of sensations – a bit like feeling as weightless as a bird on the wing. We could try and describe the feeling but we think you’ll love the chance to discover gliding over Yorkshire’s fields hills and dales of the White Rose county for yourself. 

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