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McLaren GT3 Driving Experience

McLaren GT3 Driving Experience

When this McLaren GT3 experience landed on the IntotheBlue desk we couldn’t quite believe our eyes. We couldn’t help but ask: “Is this a REAL McLaren GT3? Yep. It sure is. And costing up to £320 000 we are more than a little bit excited to be offering you the chance to drive a McLaren GT3.

Of course we all know McLaren for its success in Formula One but back in the days of yore the elite motorsport marque was rather good at GT racing too. This GT3 heralds the very welcome return to the sport for McLaren – and we love it.

As well as costing a fortune these McLarens are very rare too. You probably won’t see many away from the professional race circuit where FIA GT3 series are raced except perhaps Dubai playground for the very rich and famous. So yes this is your unique opportunity to drive this amazing McLaren GT3 car.

The clever bods at McLaren took the very nice MP4-12C and pimped it to the max to create this successful racing GT3 version. Weight has been drastically reduced an F1-style ECU has been integrated and a rather nice aero-styling package added too which certainly makes this car stand out.

Streamlined and ready to race inside the cockpit is utterly mesmerising. The kidney-shaped steering wheel and dashboard are littered with lights and driver displays. You might think this is a pared-down race car but actually you’ve got traction control and ABS on board. You’ve also got an upgraded six-speed sequential gear box with paddle-shift. See we told you it was a proper GT racer!

And indeed a proper racing car like the McLaren GT3 needs to be driven properly. You’ve got a twin-turbo V8 3.8l engine to play with. We could tell you all about the increased downforce the new suspension and brakes the spoiler and the air intakes but let’s face it you just want to get out there and drive it. Time for you to book your slot for your McLaren GT3 experience exclusively available at the Bovingdon Airfield track in Hertfordshire.

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