Back in May of this year, we excitedly embarked on one of our favourite ambassadorships to date. Over the course of the summer months, we were invited to discover the UK’s Historic Royal Palaces. From learning about the Tudors at Hampton Court Palace, the Victorians at Kensington Palace and modern history at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed a summer brimming with history, culture and awe-inspiring architecture. To round up our ambassadorship, we’ve compiled some of our favourite facts about the palaces (and the token castle); all of which we’ve learnt along the way. They are the type of facts that are ideal for squirrelling away for the next pub quiz, and we hope you find them as delightfully quirky as we did. So, and without further ado, below are our 10 favourite facts that we’ve learnt as Historic Royal Palaces ambassadors. 10 Fun Facts about the Historic Royal Palaces 1. Queen Victoria Loved to Dance It was on our trip to Kensington Palace that we learnt a little known fact about Queen Victoria. Known as a monarch in mourning following the death of her beloved Albert, Queen Victoria always seemed to me to be the sombre type. During […]

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