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A 48 Hour Guide to Edinburgh

A 48 Hour Guide to Edinburgh

Once dubbed the ‘Athens of the North’, Edinburgh is my kind of city. Steeped in history, philosophy, awe-inspiring architecture and plenty of malt whiskey, it’s the sort of place that welcomes its visitors with crackling fires and fog-shrouded landscapes. Indeed, I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t like Edinburgh – its cobbled streets or Tolkienesque pubs. It’s that sort of city that everyone loves and everyone has visited. Everyone, that is, except for me. I’m not sure why Edinburgh and I have failed to meet, but the fact we haven’t was fast becoming my dirty, travel-blogging little secret. Something had to be done. Consequently, when the opportunity arose to spend 48-hours in the city, I decided the time had come: I would make my inaugural journey to the (apparent) birthplace of my great-grandmother. The city didn’t disappoint. My two days exploring the stony nooks and crannies of Edinburgh offered a tantalising taste of what this rugged Scottish institution has to offer. Glimpses of its infamous castle framed against a deep blue sky, picture-perfect former villages and plenty of hearty food confirmed that this city is one that I’ll continue to return to again and again. For those looking to explore the city […]

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