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A swanky new Ikea is coming to Greenwich next month | The Real Britain Company

Devotees of ridiculously cheap homeware, rejoice! Your prayers have been answered: London is finally getting a fourth Ikea superstore in early 2019, and it’s got some unique special features.

The Swedish retail monolith has revealed that its new store on Greenwich Peninsula will open on February 7 2019. It’s part of the Millennium Leisure Park and, at 32,000 square metres, is bigger than both the Tottenham and Wembley branches. Crucially (and unlike the brand’s latest London opening, the Tottenham Court Road showroom) it’s a proper Ikea, with meatballs and everything. The new shop will be London’s most central Ikea: the nearest tube, North Greenwich, is in Zone 2/3.

Ikea Greenwich has been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, partly by capitalising on its decent existing public transport links so you don’t need to bring a car. It also incorporates a rooftop biodiversity garden, solar panels and green walls, and will use as much natural light as possible to reduce its dependence on electricity. It’s still up to you, however, to rein in your desire to buy seven plastic toilet brushes because they only cost 75p each.

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