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Alert: pizza vending machines in London are now a thing

Alert: pizza vending machines in London are now a thing

Pizza is – and we have very much done our own research on this topic – the perfect food. 

From the form and the taste to the overall ease of munching, these circular, doughy slabs of cheese and tomato should be treated with the reverence they deserve. Which is why news of a pizza vending machine has us simultaneously thrilled and terrified. 

Revolution Pizza has opened up four such machines in and around London. Angel, Plumstead, Croydon and Hanwell are now all home to these potentially chaotic creations of convenience. There are only two types available – margherita and pepperoni – and they promise your pizzas will be ready in five minutes.

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After a tense five mins, the machine will dish out a cardboard pizza container with a metal lid and inside should be a piping hot pizza. It costs £10 for a margherita and £11 for pepperoni.

Is this future? Potentially! Should we be scared? Definitely! All hail our new pizza-making overlords. 

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