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An Itinerary for a UK Road Trip

An Itinerary for a UK Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a road trip? Piling into the car with your friends, you’ve got the roof down and the wind in your hair. Ahead of you is nothing but miles of empty road, adventure and freedom. Except this version of a road trip only ever happened in Britney Spears’ cinema debut: ‘Crossroads’. For the majority of us growing up in the UK, the road trip was a darker experience entirely; featuring neither sunshine nor a summer romance with an incredibly handsome American man. Queues of traffic, stuffy cars and arguments, the Great British Road Trip was less Route 66 and more a congested M25, with short respites inside overcrowded service stations. Despite the lack of sunshine and Ford Cadillacs, however, the UK is an ideal place to travel by road, not least due to its size. Roughly 874 miles long from top to bottom, you can explore the length of the UK in the time it would take you to cross just one US state. Furthermore, the diversity of the UK is incredible. From its palm-tree filled southern peninsula, to mountainous Scotland, a UK road trip provides the opportunity to experience mountains and lakes; beaches and cities, all within the space […]

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