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Rondo La Cave – A hip wine bar

Rondo La Cave – A hip wine bar

Low-intervention wines have become more popular than ever and wine shops and bars specialising in them are popping up everywhere. Despite the controversy around what ‘natural’ wine actually means, it’s definitely something worth trying and seeking out. One of my favourite places in London for natural and orange wine is Rondo La Cave. 

This hip wine bar is situated in the basement of the Hoxton hotel and has a charming rustic interior with dim lighting. Guess the name La Cave has been chosen for a reason. La Cave was born as a test kitchen for the Hoxton hotel to test different food concepts before releasing them to the hotel network. To date, it’s been home to some really interesting ones such as New York style deli sandwiches and Thai-inspired plates. The latest one which is said to become permanent is Four Corners, a Detroit-style deep-dish pizza that is hands down my favourite!

I know sandwiches or deep-dish pizza are normally not the types of food people associate with wine but it works amazingly well! Now for the wines, the wine menu is short but very well curated with wines from small producers and lesser-known regions. Also, they have an Orange Wednesday special when you get two glasses for the price of one! If natural wine is not your thing – they offer a fantastic selection of cocktails and beers so you have no excuse not to give La Cave a chance! 

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