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Two London nightclubs have scrapped single-use plastic

Two London nightclubs have scrapped single-use plastic

A big night out doesn’t just put a dent in your wallet – often, it leaves behind a stream of landfill waste. Until recently, east London sister clubs Oval Space and The Pickle Factory went through 60,000 plastic cups every single month. Now the venues are switching to greener alternatives made from biodegradable materials, plus eco-friendly wristbands and brand new recycling points.

Why is it so important to tackle the issue? Well, in the UK we produce around 5 million tonnes of plastic waste a year, and much of this ends up in the ocean harming marine life, polluting the air or filling up landfills. Drastically cutting down on single-use plastic makes a real difference, and venues are beginning to take action.

And change is possible: at Glastonbury this year, there wasn’t a single plastic water bottle for sale. With projects like Oval Green showing the way, hopefully other venues will soon follow suit.

It’s easy to show your support, too – it’s as simple as going out for a big one. You’ll be doing good (and pressuring other venues to change too) every time you pay the £1 ‘green tax’ that both Oval Space and The Pickle Factory are adding to their ticket prices – all those green alternatives aren’t as cheap as plastic.

Any money left over will be donated to organisations fighting for a greener future. What are you waiting for? Get out and party for the planet.

Find out how you can make London greener by joining our campaign: How to Build a Green City.

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