Just when we thought Brexit was number one on our list of worries, a river of bright green slime comes along to snatch the top spot. This morning, as I skipped merrily to work, I looked down to discover my Vans were engulfed in a puddle of radioactive goo. Not one to overreact, I looked up calmly to discover a fountain of slime bellowing out of a newly excavated pipe outside the Five Guys on Grays Inn Road.

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When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood. 🤮🦠🧪

A post shared by S A M A N T H A W I L L I S (@samanthawillis) on Jan 18, 2019 at 3:10am PST

Keen to discover the origin of said slime, I added it to my Instagram Story and was offered a plethora of explanations from friends and fellow Londoners. Vehicle coolant? No. An experiential marketing campaign to mark the launch of another ‘Ghostbusters’ film despite the lack of hype around the last one? Nope. 

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