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Climbing in North Wales

Climbing in North Wales

Some of the best-known rock climbing is in North Wales in particular around the Eglwyseg valley which is exactly where you’ll be for your rock climbing adventure! Suitable for absolute beginners and those with some climbing experience alike you’ll have a fun day out at this superb location.

And we have to say this is adventure in the raw. Two rockface climbs and an exhilarating abseil down a drop of about 90ft is the aim of the day. This whole escarpment rises magnificently from the hilltop just outside Llangollen – and when you reach the top of your rock climb the sweeping views of the North Wales countryside are nothing short of breathtaking.

The whole area around Llangollen is really popular with rock climbers. There are hundreds of sport and traditional climbing routes around these limestone crags stretching from Llangollen to the appropriately-named ‘World’s End’ with names like Craig Arthur Twilight Monk’s Buttress Dinbre and Trevor – where you’ll be climbing.

Your experience will begin with registration and welcome at the operator’s centre about a five minute drive away from the climbing crags. You will be provided with all the equipment you need including ropes safety helmet and harnesses. our fully qualified instructor will provide a safety briefing demonstration of the equipment and outline of the action ahead.

Time to head off to those imposing crags where you’ll group up with a maximum of 10 climbers to one instructor. You’ll be guided through two climbs attached by safety ropes above and below. And remember reaching the top is not the end of the story here. After taking in the panoramic views it’s time to descend with that thrilling 90ft abseil!

Brilliant stuff. You can approach rock climbing in North Wales at this superb Llangollen venue as simply a fun experience or as a great introduction to a new activity pastime. It’s time to climb!

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